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National Capital Programs

USDA Business and Industry Financing

USDA Business and Industry financing are loans provided through a government program specifically targeted to rural small businesses to help bolster lending to creditworthy borrowers. The purpose of the program (administered by the Rural Business and Coop Program — part of the USDA’s Rural Development) is to improve economic health in rural areas with populations …

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Invoice Financing

Invoice financing is a business-to-business transaction that provides a company the ability to leverage unpaid 30, 60 and 90 day invoices to obtain specialized short-term business financing before your customer actually pays the invoice. With invoice financing (often called other terms like “factoring”, “invoice factoring”, “accounts receivable factoring”) a lender will provide specialized asset-based financing …

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Equiptment Financing

Equipment financing relates to any and all forms of financing businesses use to obtain commercial equipment. Types of equipment financing include equipment loans, equipment leasing and equipment sale-leaseback. Each equipment financing option varies in credit and capital requirements, structure of the financing facility, along with rates, terms and fees. Leasing equipment allows companies to obtain …

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Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant cash advances are not loans but instead a business-to-business transaction that involves the selling of a company’s future credit card sales or a portion of the company’s bank deposits to a commercial lender in exchange for an upfront lump sum of funding at a discount. Loan sizes range anywhere from $5,000 up to $2,000,000 …

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Alternative Loans

Mid prime small business loans are a type of alternative financing provided by institutional and commercial lenders to companies that have good credit, good cash-flow and solid revenue, but still can’t qualify for bank-rate or SBA financing. Mid prime loan sizes usually range from $10,000 up to $500,000 and have terms ranging from 1-5 years. …

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Asset Based Financing

Asset based business lending (ABL) is a types of commercial financing in which funds are provided after they are secured with assets on a company’s balance sheet. Such asset based loan collateral may be accounts receivable, commercial real estate, equipment or other business assets. Asset based lending usually comes in two types of facilities: term …

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SBA Loans

SBA Loans are bank and commercial loans provided to new and existing small businesses that are backed by the United States Small Business Administration. The purpose of SBA lending is to provide financing for small companies that haven’t been able to secure traditional bank financing. The bank or SBA lender provides enhanced financing to the …

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Business Lines Of Credit

A business line-of-credit is a type of flexible pre-approved commercial financing in which a maximum loan balance is set by a bank or lender in which the borrower can draw on the funds whenever they wish. A line-of-credit can range in sizes from $5,000 for very small businesses, to well over $5,000,000 for mid-size companies. …

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Term Business Loans

Term business loans are a standard debt financing facility with standard payments (usually monthly) with a maturity and amortization schedule, ranging from anywhere in 6 months to 30 years in length (depending on use). Term loan sizes for small and medium-sized businesses can be as small as a few thousand dollars, and can range up …

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Fix And Flips

Flexible Financing for Investors We offer fix and flip loans for single-unit, multi-unit, and mixed-use residential projects, up to a maximum 75% of the renovated value. We will fund rehab projects of any scope or size, provided you have the experience to complete the project. Purchases, refinances, and cash out deals are eligible. Highlights include: …

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Bridge Loans

We offer short- and mid-term financing options for renovated residential and mixed-use properties. These loans can be used as a bridge while waiting to sell your completed project or obtaining long-term financing for your rental property. Highlights include: Loan-to-value up to 80% LTV Cash out permitted Loan terms up to two years Accelerate Your Success …

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Lines Of Credit

A business line of credit is a fast and easy way to access money for your company. Are you looking for a fast and easy way to access short-term financing for your company? A business line of credit is an excellent option. It lets you draw funds from a set amount of money using your …

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